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From outsourcing of your finance function with our CFO to GO! Program to financial staffing and the latest accounting technology we provide support services that meet or exceed your needs and expectations. All of our services are designed to ensure confidentiality, timeliness and accuracy.

CFO to Go: Our CFO to Go services are easily customized, and are ideal for small, medium and large businesses - and even individuals. The beauty of CFO to Go is that it lifts the burden of dealing with complicated financial functions off your shoulders and frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business. All in all, CFO to Go is definitely the way to go for outsourcing your finance function.

Financial Staffing: Meeting the changing needs in the accounting and bookkeeping department of your company can be an immense challenge. Boudreaux, Henderson & Company, LLP can help you meet that challenge in either of two ways by providing temporary placement from within our staff to meet your immediate and urgent needs; or by recruiting, interviewing and recommending qualified candidates to fill the position.

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